Yesterday was Maiya’s 6 month birthday. (Technically, she is 26 weeks, which in my book is 6.5 months.) On Friday she learned how to sit up on her own. Yay! Next stop crawling, and before we know it she will be borrowing the car…my mind can’t even go there yet. In my head Mason and Maiya will stop aging around 4 1/2. I can’t even begin to picture them as teenagers, but I bet they will still be cute, just with WAY more attitude. Anyway, Maiya is a happy little 6 month old with NORMAL POOP. She usually takes two short naps during the day, goes to bed around 8:30 and only gets up once to eat around 4 am, and then up for the day around 7:30 am. Sometimes she is really nice and sleeps through the whole night. (Those are usually the nights that Mason gets up to pee and then again an hour later to try and sleep in our bed.) I am sooooo thankful I have a baby that sleeps so well. Maiya is eating rice cereal, banana, and carrots so far. Her hobbies are bouncing in her jumperoo until she pukes, and then bouncing some more, and playing with her brother. The most exciting news is that Maiya cut her first tooth today!!! I was so excited I showed Mason and was all “Do you know what this means?! Soon she can eat cheerios!” Then I called Clint at work and Mason yelled in the background. “Maiya got a tooth, I am freeking out!” The best part is that when we come back to Michigan for Christmas you will be able to see her tooth!

Double Trouble