Last weekend we went to Rocky Mountain National Park hoping to see some big horn sheep (they are my favorite!) and also to get a good family picture. Alas, the bighorn sheep have alluded us once again, but we got some great pics and well, its Rocky Mountain National Park so it was an awesome day.  We wanted a good family picture to send with our Christmas card. Last year with all the craziness of Clint going to China and working for Boa in his “spare” time, we didn’t put a picture in with our Christmas card. For some reason that still bothers me, so this year we put in some extra effort to get a good one. RMNP has some special meaning to us that makes it such a great place for a family picture. We have been there with both Mason and Maiya in my belly.  (separate times of course!) Mason, when we were just visiting Colorado and thinking what an amazing place it would be to live in, and Maiya right after we moved here when we were thinking how lucky we are to live here. There is something about all of the feelings involved in expecting a new baby-the excitement of the unknown, the anticipation of a new life, and the fact that I still can’t wrap my head around  the whole process of having a tiny human growing inside your belly (yes, I took sex ed, I get that part) and then you add all of the feelings you get looking up at giant snowcapped mountains, the amazement that something so beautiful exists and the inspiration to lead a meaningful life that is bigger than just you. And then being there last weekend and seeing the mountains and our kids that are growing so fast, who amaze and inspire us every single day…well its all a bit overwhelming.

Ok, take a moment to puke from how cheesy I am sounding. Feel better?

I am saving the best pic for the Christmas card, but here are some that came close…