Yesterday Maiya pooped and it was NORMAL! It was the first NORMAL poop I have seen since she was less than 2 weeks old (she is 24 1/2 weeks now). She has had poops that looked better than a bad one, but this actually looked NORMAL. It was thick, not runny or bubbly, and it was yellow, not yellowish or brownish or greenish or reddish. I will spare you the picture because I am really that nice.

So here is what has been happening with Maiya’s treatments and how we have reached normality. (I know there is a chance we could have setbacks and this doesn’t mean she is cured, but this is some serious progress here.)

At Maiya’s 8th NAET treatment things got a little more out there than the usual weirdness. First of all we treated DNA, RNA and heat. Honestly I can’t explain that one at all. Is she allergic to her own DNA and the heat her body produces? Maybe…anyway that is what we treated. At this point Maiya’s diapers have been back and forth-getting better and then sick again. We started Maiya on rice cereal the previous week and that didn’t seem to make much difference. Eve recommended that we give Maiya some Chinese herbs as a supplement to NAET. So we have been giving Maiya Gentle Warriors Belly Binder 2-3 times a day since then. It’s just a liquid that we give her with a dropper, don’t worry, she isn’t smoking it!

At Maiya’s 9th NAET treatment on Tuesday we tested Nut Mix 1 and 2 and Spice Mix 1 & 2. All of them were weak so we asked which was a priority. We treated Nut Mix 1-which is peanuts and walnuts. This is one of the allergies that I’m a little worried about because peanut allergies can be really serious. I have been avoiding all nuts and will probably keep avoiding them for as long as I nurse Maiya, and then we will probably avoid them in her food just to be safe. I had Eve do some “Magic 8 Ball” questions for me. We asked if Maiya was ready to start solid food. That was a yes. So then we asked if it should be peas-no, carrots-no and then bananas-yes. So Tuesday evening Maiya got to have banana with her rice cereal. Oh boy that was exciting! We also asked if Maiya could have formula. Since she is 6 months now I am heading into unfamiliar territory. I started weaning Mason at 6 months and although she eats MUCH better than he ever did I don’t know how much longer I will want to keep it up. So far I plan on doing it as long as I can, but it is nice to have options. So we asked if Maiya could have formula and how much, and she told us not 1 cup or more, but 1/2 cup of formula a day is ok.


Mason said he would fix Maiya

So that is what we have been doing and two days ago Maiya pooped the biggest, nastiest, leaking out all corners, pool of poop in her belly button, had to give her a bath immediately poop. When I saw it leaking through her clothes all I could think was “Here we go again.” But this time it was different. The poop in her diaper was pasty and yellow. I was so excited that I saved it for Clint to see when he got home from work. Poor guy, I bet that was what he was waiting all day to come home to-an old, smelly, poopy diaper. Well at least I was nice and waited until after dinner to show him. Then yesterday Maiya pooped a completely NORMAL poop. And I saved it for Clint again. Today she pooped COMPLETELY NORMAL AGAIN! I can’t express how happy I am to change poopy diapers now. Yes, I know, I need to get out more! How do you make friends when all you want to talk about is poop?

I know what your thinking- NAET  is FLIPPING WEIRD! because thats what I think, but all I have to say is “NORMAL POOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!”



Ooooooh foooood!











Oh food. not what I expected...