Well there’s nothing like 2 feet of snow to get you in the mood for Halloween. We carved our pumpkins the night before which worked out to our advantage because they were starting to rot and were easier to carve. We didn’t get Mason’s costume until the morning of-which worked out pretty nice because everything was on sale! Luckily it warmed up and we actually had beautiful weather for trick or treating. The snow was almost gone and it was nice enough to just wear a sweatshirt. Mason was a little freaked by some of the spooky decorations and people dressed up in scary costumes. At first every house we went to even if there wasn’t a single pumpkin on the porch he would ask “Is this house spooky?” After a while he started really getting into it and would run so fast to the next house that he would end up running past the house. He was getting really good at yelling “trick or treat!”, but he still doesn’t quite get the whole process. He wanted to go inside every house. Actually, one house he ran in and I had to go in to catch him! Maiya loved trick or treating. Clint and I took turns holding her and she was just kicking and laughing and squealing the whole time. The funny thing was everyone wanted to give her candy. “Ooooh she’s so cute, can she have something?” Maybe I am just around kids too much lately, but does that girl look like she should be eating a Tootsie Pop?



Boba Fett


Ready to go!