I really can’t believe that Mason is already 3 years old. I feel like we have come such a long way since that day when we brought him home  all tiny and helpless and when he started crying all we could think was “What the hell did we get ourselves into?!” Now he is so independent, always telling me “No thanks Mom, I’ll do it myself.” He’s riding a bike with training wheels, wearing undies, and whenever the house is just a little too quiet and I am expecting to find him causing trouble, instead I find him READING. My little baby is growing up! Mason was such a challenge as a baby that his birthday always feels like a celebration for us as parents. “Whoooohoooo we survived another year!” We are pretty strict with Mason throughout the year, so for us his birthday is a big deal and we tend to go a little overboard (like staying up til 2am the night before to put together his new kitchen set and to make his Monster Truck Cake), but he is such a good kid that it’s worth the extra work for us. His birthday is a great time to celebrate where we have come from as a family and where we are headed, and to marvel at what a great kid Mason is turning out to be.  But mostly it’s a great time to eat CAKE!