The last couple of NAET treatments have been pretty uneventful as far as voodoo magic goes. At her fourth appointment last Friday we retested Vitamin C. My arm was strong so she should be cleared of her Vitamin C allergy. Then we treated for B Vitamins. The usual pressure points, breathing, buzzing, and coin holding. Over the weekend Maiya had some bad diapers-more on that later-but at our appointment this past Monday, Eve didn’t seem very concerned. She said that once we treat Maiya for the things that bother her on the “top15” list, that we should start seeing some major improvements. That means a few more treatments to go. So Monday we retested B Vitamins and she passed that. Then we treated for Sugar and Lactose.

Since then Maiya’s diapers have not been improving, and this morning she had an especially bad diaper. It is frustrating to see improvements and then watch her take a few steps backwards. I just want to see her get better. Right now even though I am not on a restricted diet I am not enjoying eating like I used to. Every little thing I put in my mouth stresses me out thinking that it will bother Maiya’s stomach. In fact I am so stressed that I have been losing excessive amounts of hair. I am half expecting one day to find a bald spot. Oh well, its just hair. It will grow back. Anyway, even though we are not seeing improvements at the moment I am not ready to give up. We were warned that it is common to go two steps forward and one step back, but that if we stick with it, there will be a difference.

Now for the detailed poop talk:

So for a quick recap, at 2 weeks old Maiya had red liquid in her diaper that I had no idea if it was urine or poop until I saw it shooting out of her butt. Shooting is not an understatement here, if you didn’t cover her butt up quick enough she got some distance. So after two pediatrician appointments I was told to eliminate milk from my diet. That seemed to work for about a week and then we had diarehha and blood again. For about 17 weeks I eliminated foods from my diet, and each time it worked for a short time only to get worse again. Then after the first NAET treatment I abandoned my restricted diet. Maiya’s poop actually started improving-it was yellow and not dark brown or green and it was just a little bit runnier than mustard(seedy mustard is the consistency it should be).  After her 4th NAET treatment her poop started getting darker yellow/almost brown and runnier, and this morning her diaper had a pool of liquid poop. Oh yeah, and still smelly. Ugh! The reason I think NAET is still working is that since starting the treatments and since going back to eating dairy and soy and corn and all of the stuff I thought was 100% making her sick, Maiya hasn’t had a speck of blood in her poop. So yes, this has not been a magical overnight cure, but I feel like we are getting somewhere.

Eon is trying to attack the flash

Eon is trying to attack the flash