Now that fall is here I have been thinking about how much I love Michigan in the fall. The fall colors here are ok, but brown and yellow just isn’t cutting it for me. I really miss the fiery red maple trees and the variety of colors. Watching the leaves change color and slowly fall off the trees, raking for hours, the smell of the leaves and the crunch under your feet, and watching Mason jump into a huge pile of leaves. Michigan apples, oh boy, Michigan apples. I was grocery shopping and the apples were from New Zealand. There is no excuse for a single apple to be from any other country this time of year!

But the thing I have been missing the most is the cider mill. Mmmmmm cider and donuts. Clint and I started dating 8 years ago this month, and going to the cider mill every fall is probably the biggest tradition we have had. So of course since the weather is changing I have been craving cider and donuts. Well not just craving, but stronger than pregnancy cravings, more like NEEDING OR I MAY LOSE MY MIND! Just ask Clint how often I bring it up…

So we started asking around and doing google searches and whatnot to find a cider mill in the area and we can’t find any. We looked, and looked again and I CAN’T FIND A DARN CIDER MILL IN COLORADO! This is a serious problem here. I only like fresh cider mill donuts. There is no substitute. I was telling this to someone here and she was all “You mean you eat them together???” This is not looking good if people are thinking I am crazy talking about eating cider and donuts together. Pair that with my accent, and I can only imagine what kind of nutcase I look like!