This morning was Maiya’s third NAET treatment. First thing we did was check to see if the last treatment for Calcium worked. I held Maiya and the Calcium vials and Eve tested the strength of my arm. Last time it was weak when we tested Calcium and this time my arm was strong!. So in theory Maiya is cleared of her Calcium allergy.

Next step was to test and treat for Vitamin C. First we tested a vial with Vitamin C and my arm was weak. Then she broke Vitamin C into its components. We tested Ascorbic Acid and my arm was strong. Then we tested Citric Acid and my arm was weak again. So today the treatment was for Vitamin C-Citric Acid and Brain-2. (Not totally clear what Brain-2 is and how it got into that vial, but Eve said it was a part of the brain that focuses on allergies.) She did accupressure on me and on Maiya. She buzzed Maiya’s acupuncture points and used a little massage roller thing on her back. Then she put the coin in Maiya’s sock and the the three vials (Vitamin C, Citric Acid, and Brain-2) in her other sock and we waited for a while like that.  And that was it.

Another interesting thing: When we are doing the muscle testing, and Eve is putting pressure on my arm she is also asking 3 questions. Chemical? Physical? Emotional? So for each allergen being tested she is also finding out if the allergen is affecting Maiya chemically, physically, or emotionally. She showed me this today when she was testing vitamin C and when she asked the questions my arm got weaker for chemical and physical and stronger for emotional. Meaning that Maiya does not have an emotional allergy to vitamin C. Which obviously makes sense that she is too young to have any emotional issues. Once again I am shocked that I can tell the difference in my arm when the testing is done, but it is VERY noticeable. Pretty interesting though that you could have an emotional allergy to a food because something happened to you while you were eating it and your body mixed up its reactions and decided that specific food was a problem too.

I ate like normal all weekend. Yogurt, pizza, cheese, sour cream, corn chips, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! Oh boy, I was so excited! Maiya’s diapers seem to be getting better and better. They are still a little off, but with all of those “forbidden” foods I ate, I was expecting to see liquidy, bloody, diarrhea like she had when she was 2 weeks old. Nope, she has had less poop and its getting thicker, and closer to a normal color. Whooohoooo poop!  I sure hope this stuff works.

yay NAET!!!!

yay NAET!!!!

Maiya has another appointment on Wednesday morning…to be continued