Friday morning was Maiya’s second visit with a NAET practitioner. At the last visit she was treated for Breast Milk and Egg. So the first thing we did at this visit was to recheck them both through muscle testing. I held Maiya in my lap and held her hand along with the jar of breast milk that we saved from the last appointment (yeah, I still think its weird seeing milk from my boob just chillin in the refrigerator and to know it was just chillin in someone elses fridge is just awkward!) and Eve tested my arm the same as last time. Except this time my arm didn’t go all bouncy, it stayed strong! We did the same with an egg and my arm stayed strong again! So according to this Maiya is cleared of her breast milk and egg allergies.

Then we went through all the vials again to see if she was testing the same. I was thinking maybe my arm was just stronger at the time we checked egg, but when we tested calcium my arm went all bouncy and then we tested without and my arm was strong again. So this time we treated for calcium, specifically calcium lactate (which is in milk). Same as the last treatment, there was some accupressure, some buzzing, and some breathing, and this time there was a coin involved. Not so sure what the coin does, but at this point I’m just going with the flow. So if Eve puts a coin is Maiya’s sock and says this will help I say sign me up! Supposedly it helps speed up the process (this is a special coin-you can’t just put a quarter in your sock and be cured!). I asked about the 25 hour avoidance and was told that it would be impossible to avoid calcium since it’s in water and that luckily babies clear really fast. So fast, that some practitioners don’t even use the coin or the buzzing.

The muscle testing also works by asking questions. According to the book you can ask your brain a question and it will give you a true answer. Like if you want to be successful but everything seems to be working against you, you could ask your brain “Do I want to be successful?” and if your brain tells you “no” then your brain is actually working against you and you need to be treated to reverse that. Ok, I know, WTF?! Yes, I am waiting for Eve to break out the magic 8 ball and tell me “Reply hazy, try again.” or maybe “Outlook good.” GO WITH THE FLOW, KARYN! Anyway, she asked some questions, like “Is there a more serious problem?” “Is Maiya going to be ok?” and she was getting back responses that Maiya will be ok, we are only dealing with food allergies and there won’t be any serious surprises in store for us. Maybe it was just what I wanted to hear, but I believe her and it made me feel better.

Our next appointment is Monday morning, and then probably again on Thursday. By then we should be seeing some results. Even though there are maybe 10-15 things that Maiya is testing as allergic once you clear up some of the major problems then a lot of times the others go away on their own without being treated.

As of today we haven’t seen any changes in Maiya, but I have been eating dairy and corn for 4 days now and we haven’t seen any effects from it. That has to count for something!

To be continued…