Yesterday was Maiya’s first appointment for the alternative treatment we are trying. So I guess to start, it would be a good idea to give you some information about it so you can decide yourself how crazy we are for trying this.

FYI I will try to explain things simply because it is a lot to take in and I am new to this too so I only feel like I partially understand it. But, if you have any questions or want to know more details, let me know.

The treatment is called NAET or Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique It was invented by Dr. Devi Nambudripad who is still alive and is practicing in California. It is based on the concept that all food has energy and if you are allergic to a food then your body is repelling that energy. You can have your allergies tested through muscle testing and once it is determined what you are allergic to you can begin treatment through accupressure to “clear” or eliminate the allergy. So, in theory, you can test for and eliminate allergies in a natural, non-invasive way.

This is the process of how we made it to the here and now:

A guy that Clint works with has two kids that had severe food allergies. They tried everything to help their kids, starting with Western medicine-skin prick allergy testing, blood test, and they tried a whole bunch of alternative methods. Nothing worked until they finally tried NAET. All of the muscle testing for allergies gave them the same results as the Western methods. So they have been doing the treatments and are totally sold. I called the mom to ask her about it and she gave me so much information my head was about to explode, but, it was incredibly helpful. The main reasons I wanted to try it are because 1. I would much rather try something non-invasive and 2. she was really convincing- not in a drink the kool-aid way but in a concerned mother sort of way. She has a Masters degree in Science so she was no doubt 100 times more skeptical in the beginning than I was. I can not thank her enough. She addressed all of my concerns and many more that I didn’t know I had but weeks later when I had them I remembered what she had told me and things made more sense. I felt like she had gone through so much with her kids and the stars had aligned and sent her to help me so that I didn’t have to go down that road. And hopefully one day I can return that favor to another mom desperate to help her baby.

So at this point I was convinced on the treatment, but wanted to do my own research first (and secretly thought my baby won’t need any treatment because she is going to get better before I am done with my research). I spent a lot of time checking out the website and researching online.  and then I read the book by Devi Nambudripad

Lets just say that you REALLY have to have an open mind to consider this stuff. The website is cheesy and the book is brutal to get through, but I guess Dr. Devi wasn’t meant to be a web designer or a full-time writer. The book makes it sound like every ailment you could possibly have is related to an allergy. You can be allergic to anything-food, smells, colors, specific movements. And it claims to be able to cure them all! This is where I started getting more skeptical than I started out. The book did not seem to be helping. After getting through all of that I realized I had gained a lot of information and felt like I understood the technique and the theory behind it enough to set aside the weirdness and give it a try. Besides the worst we are out is some time and money instead of taking Maiya around to Dr.’s that want to do one invasive procedure after another.

So now we are at Wednesday 5pm appointment with Eve Kocurek in Wheat Ridge right down the street from where Maiya was born.

I set aside all of my reservations about how out there the treatment seems and went into the office with an open (but still a little skeptical) mind

The first thing you do is fill out a questionnaire about all of your symptoms but I never told anyone what I thought she was allergic to. Since Maiya is so young the treatment is actually done through a surrogate. So Maiya sat on my lap and I held her hand so we would have skin to skin contact. I held my right arm straight out and Eve pushed down on my arm while I resisted. Since I was resisting my arm felt strong and didn’t move. Then she put a small vial of egg in my hand that was holding Maiya’s hand and pushed down on my arm again while I resisted. This time my arm felt weak and bouncy. She did it again without the vial and my arm was strong again. I did not expect at all to feel anything. I REALLY did not expect to be that convinced that fast. So I had Clint switch with me so he could experience it too. Once again, no vial-strong arm, vial with egg-weak and bouncy, no vial-strong arm. We did this over and over again with all kinds of vials and each time my arm would go weak she set aside that vial as something Maiya is allergic to. I am still in awe that something so simple could actually work that fast and consistently. So here is the kicker. You know that long list of my forbidden foods that I have been strictly adhering to for the past 5 months and torturing myself with? Yeah, no good. There are only two things on that list that Maiya is allergic to-the two that I most expected that she wasn’t allergic to-egg and peanuts. In addition to that she is allergic to a whole list of things that I NEVER could have guessed and NEVER could eliminate: Breast Milk, Vitamin C, B-Complex Vitamins, SALT, Alcohol, and some even weirder stuff like hormones. So Eve basically told me to eat whatever I want because there is no way I could avoid everything she is allergic to. And supposedly once we finish the first four treatments we should see some major improvements. I was really freaked out to eat any dairy because I really thought that Maiya was very allergic to dairy, but I had cheese last night and milk this morning and Maiya hasn’t had a diaper any worse than usual all day.

The next step is to clear each allergy. We started with Breast Milk and Egg. Basically I held Maiya in my lap holding her hand and the vial of egg and a jar of breast milk and Eve tapped my spine up and down while I breathed in and out deeply. After that she took a small vibrator (yes, it looked like exactly what you are thinking it must have been!) and buzzed different acupuncture spots on Maiya (to help the energy flow) The whole thing went by so fast and it was so much to take in that I forgot to ask if I was supposed to avoid egg for 25 hours. In the book it says you have to be at least 6 feet away from any egg for 25 hours while your body is reprogramming. I think because Maiya is so young you don’t have to avoid the allergen because she will clear so fast. We have another appointment tomorrow morning to re-check egg and breast milk to see if it worked and then clear another allergen-I think Vitamin C is next.

To be continued…