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When it started snowing Mason was super excited because he wanted to “go outside and ‘be’ his snowman joke”. This is it in all its glory.

“What do snowmen eat for breakfast? SNOWFLAKES!!!”

and snow, and snow, and snow, and snow, and snow….it has been snowing nonstop for 2 days straight! it is so beautiful, but it is hurting my brain- my heart is telling me to bake cookies, watch It’s a Wonderful Life, and sing Jingle Bells, but my brain is telling me we need to carve our pumpkins because Halloween is in two days!


Mason loves eating snow


Crazy Stella


Tuesday evening-before


Wednesday afternoon-after


Maiya's first big snowstorm

I really can’t believe that Mason is already 3 years old. I feel like we have come such a long way since that day when we brought him home  all tiny and helpless and when he started crying all we could think was “What the hell did we get ourselves into?!” Now he is so independent, always telling me “No thanks Mom, I’ll do it myself.” He’s riding a bike with training wheels, wearing undies, and whenever the house is just a little too quiet and I am expecting to find him causing trouble, instead I find him READING. My little baby is growing up! Mason was such a challenge as a baby that his birthday always feels like a celebration for us as parents. “Whoooohoooo we survived another year!” We are pretty strict with Mason throughout the year, so for us his birthday is a big deal and we tend to go a little overboard (like staying up til 2am the night before to put together his new kitchen set and to make his Monster Truck Cake), but he is such a good kid that it’s worth the extra work for us. His birthday is a great time to celebrate where we have come from as a family and where we are headed, and to marvel at what a great kid Mason is turning out to be.  But mostly it’s a great time to eat CAKE!

Words cannot describe how cute Mason and Maiya are together. Hopefully this video can give you an idea of the ridiculous level of cuteness they bring to our house.


Maiya had her seventh NAET treatment this morning. At her last appointment we treated Salt and Hormones, and at this appointment we treated Cheese, Milk and Whey. So far so good. Nothing new or very different has happened. The good news is that Maiya’s diapers seem to be improving finally. They are back to the consistency they were at when she was improving the first time around, so hopefully we will have more progress this time. Originally Eve said that we should see some major improvements after about 7 treatments, I hope she is right! Trust me, when I finally see a completely normal poop the world will know!

In this video Maiya is 15 weeks old. (She is 22 weeks now.)  Soon I will post a more recent video of Mason and Maiya, because they are getting funnier by the day. 🙂

Yes, it has taken me over 6 months to take a picture of my car, this is for you Julie!


I may not have my Colorado drivers license yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s required here to own a Subaru.

Washed and waxed, thanks Clint!

Washed and waxed, thanks Clint!

Ok, I know some of you in Michigan may be thinking that we are jerks for buying two foreign cars right in the middle of an automotive/economic meltdown. I’m pretty opinionated about the debate between buying American and buying Foreign. I’m not going to lecture you, but here are a few reasons why I am such a proud Subaru owner.

1. It was made in Indiana by American workers, not Mexico or China.

2. the Indiana Subaru plant is a designated Wildlife Habitat AND  has acheived Zero Landfill status

3. we bought it used so our car is recycled 🙂 and our money went to a local car dealer not a foreign bank or worse, the government.

Mason calls it the Subee

Mason calls it the Subee

The last couple of NAET treatments have been pretty uneventful as far as voodoo magic goes. At her fourth appointment last Friday we retested Vitamin C. My arm was strong so she should be cleared of her Vitamin C allergy. Then we treated for B Vitamins. The usual pressure points, breathing, buzzing, and coin holding. Over the weekend Maiya had some bad diapers-more on that later-but at our appointment this past Monday, Eve didn’t seem very concerned. She said that once we treat Maiya for the things that bother her on the “top15” list, that we should start seeing some major improvements. That means a few more treatments to go. So Monday we retested B Vitamins and she passed that. Then we treated for Sugar and Lactose.

Since then Maiya’s diapers have not been improving, and this morning she had an especially bad diaper. It is frustrating to see improvements and then watch her take a few steps backwards. I just want to see her get better. Right now even though I am not on a restricted diet I am not enjoying eating like I used to. Every little thing I put in my mouth stresses me out thinking that it will bother Maiya’s stomach. In fact I am so stressed that I have been losing excessive amounts of hair. I am half expecting one day to find a bald spot. Oh well, its just hair. It will grow back. Anyway, even though we are not seeing improvements at the moment I am not ready to give up. We were warned that it is common to go two steps forward and one step back, but that if we stick with it, there will be a difference.

Now for the detailed poop talk:

So for a quick recap, at 2 weeks old Maiya had red liquid in her diaper that I had no idea if it was urine or poop until I saw it shooting out of her butt. Shooting is not an understatement here, if you didn’t cover her butt up quick enough she got some distance. So after two pediatrician appointments I was told to eliminate milk from my diet. That seemed to work for about a week and then we had diarehha and blood again. For about 17 weeks I eliminated foods from my diet, and each time it worked for a short time only to get worse again. Then after the first NAET treatment I abandoned my restricted diet. Maiya’s poop actually started improving-it was yellow and not dark brown or green and it was just a little bit runnier than mustard(seedy mustard is the consistency it should be).  After her 4th NAET treatment her poop started getting darker yellow/almost brown and runnier, and this morning her diaper had a pool of liquid poop. Oh yeah, and still smelly. Ugh! The reason I think NAET is still working is that since starting the treatments and since going back to eating dairy and soy and corn and all of the stuff I thought was 100% making her sick, Maiya hasn’t had a speck of blood in her poop. So yes, this has not been a magical overnight cure, but I feel like we are getting somewhere.

Eon is trying to attack the flash

Eon is trying to attack the flash

Now that fall is here I have been thinking about how much I love Michigan in the fall. The fall colors here are ok, but brown and yellow just isn’t cutting it for me. I really miss the fiery red maple trees and the variety of colors. Watching the leaves change color and slowly fall off the trees, raking for hours, the smell of the leaves and the crunch under your feet, and watching Mason jump into a huge pile of leaves. Michigan apples, oh boy, Michigan apples. I was grocery shopping and the apples were from New Zealand. There is no excuse for a single apple to be from any other country this time of year!

But the thing I have been missing the most is the cider mill. Mmmmmm cider and donuts. Clint and I started dating 8 years ago this month, and going to the cider mill every fall is probably the biggest tradition we have had. So of course since the weather is changing I have been craving cider and donuts. Well not just craving, but stronger than pregnancy cravings, more like NEEDING OR I MAY LOSE MY MIND! Just ask Clint how often I bring it up…

So we started asking around and doing google searches and whatnot to find a cider mill in the area and we can’t find any. We looked, and looked again and I CAN’T FIND A DARN CIDER MILL IN COLORADO! This is a serious problem here. I only like fresh cider mill donuts. There is no substitute. I was telling this to someone here and she was all “You mean you eat them together???” This is not looking good if people are thinking I am crazy talking about eating cider and donuts together. Pair that with my accent, and I can only imagine what kind of nutcase I look like!

Remember that song from Sesame Street? You know there are like four apples in a row and then a TURKEY is just sitting there like “what???” One of these things is not like the other…  Do you see it?

IMG_1869IMG_1863 Look closely…

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