Today was Maiya’s 4 month check-up. I was hoping that by this appointment she would be magically better, but the best I can say is that she is not worse. Minus the food allergy problems she is a happy and healthy 4 month old. She is in the 95th percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight. (Tall and skinny, but not too skinny) She can roll over both ways and is very close to sitting up on her own. She is showing signs that she is ready for food, but I was told to wait until closer to 6 months because of her allergies.

Now for the poop talk:

Maiya hasn’t had blood in her diaper in over a month, but her poop is still too runny and smelly and not a normal color. Also, she has developed ezcema- a skin rash that may or may not be food allergy related.

I was overly prepared for Maiya’s check-up. I brought with me a poopy diaper from that morning, my food journal, Maiya’s eating and pooping journal, the book that explains the treatment we want to do, and an organized list I typed out with all of Maiya’s symptoms, how they have changed, everything I have eliminated from my diet, and all of the days that there was blood in Maiya’s diaper since her last appointment. Ok, so I figured I wouldn’t need ALL of it, but I wanted to be prepared so that we could sit down and really figure this out. Well, apparently that is not how it works. Do you want to know how much the dr. looked at? NOTHING! Not even the poopy diaper.

Here is how the appointment went:

Since it has been 17 weeks and I have eliminated dairy, soy, egg, peanuts, tree-nuts, fish, and corn from my diet and she is still not better the Dr. wants us to take her to a GI specialist-who may want to do blood tests and scope her (I don’t know what that is but it’s not happening!) She wanted to give me steroid cream for Maiya’s eczema. She suggested that I try the hypoallergenic formula even though it is 45% corn. And when I told her that I want to delay immunizations because I don’t want to weaken Maiya’s immune system anymore she told me it was probably the Rotavirus and to just skip that one. I told the dr. that I want to try this accupressure treatment that I have been researching and she basically told me that she knew nothing about it but that it won’t work.

Ok, I know I am overly-protective of my kids and a little nutso when it comes to keeping chemicals out of our diets and our soaps and lotions and whatnot, but I just can’t believe that this was her solution. Steroid creams may help control a rash but they are not good, even for adult skin. I will not put that on my baby’s skin. I will stick with my all-natural Calendula cream that I can get at Target and has been controlling her rash just fine. Hmm, I just got done telling the dr. that I am sure that corn is one of the foods that bothers Maiya the MOST, and she tells me to try a formula that is ridiculously expensive and is 45% CORN, and what do I do if that doesn’t work and now I can’t breastfeed either? Well, there is this other formula that is REALLY ridiculously expensive compared to this stuff…yeah, no thanks.

We left the dr.’s office without the steroid cream, and without giving Maiya shots, and only promising to see the GI specialist. It is so frustrating to go to see someone who should be a hundred times more educated than me and I spent the whole appointment questioning the doctor, and protecting Maiya from an onslaught of chemicals and bad decisions.

Our plan is to take Maiya this week for an alternative all-natural and non-invasive allergy testing and  treatment. We should be able to tell if it is working after a couple visits. If it doesn’t work, then I will go to talk to the GI specialist. According the dr. there is a good chance that Maiya will outgrow all of this by the time she is one. Either way, there is hope and that is what keeps us going….that and Maiya’s unbelievable cuteness.

yes, her shirt says "tree hugger"

yes, her shirt says "tree hugger"