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Today was Maiya’s 4 month check-up. I was hoping that by this appointment she would be magically better, but the best I can say is that she is not worse. Minus the food allergy problems she is a happy and healthy 4 month old. She is in the 95th percentile for height and the 50th percentile for weight. (Tall and skinny, but not too skinny) She can roll over both ways and is very close to sitting up on her own. She is showing signs that she is ready for food, but I was told to wait until closer to 6 months because of her allergies.

Now for the poop talk:

Maiya hasn’t had blood in her diaper in over a month, but her poop is still too runny and smelly and not a normal color. Also, she has developed ezcema- a skin rash that may or may not be food allergy related.

I was overly prepared for Maiya’s check-up. I brought with me a poopy diaper from that morning, my food journal, Maiya’s eating and pooping journal, the book that explains the treatment we want to do, and an organized list I typed out with all of Maiya’s symptoms, how they have changed, everything I have eliminated from my diet, and all of the days that there was blood in Maiya’s diaper since her last appointment. Ok, so I figured I wouldn’t need ALL of it, but I wanted to be prepared so that we could sit down and really figure this out. Well, apparently that is not how it works. Do you want to know how much the dr. looked at? NOTHING! Not even the poopy diaper.

Here is how the appointment went:

Since it has been 17 weeks and I have eliminated dairy, soy, egg, peanuts, tree-nuts, fish, and corn from my diet and she is still not better the Dr. wants us to take her to a GI specialist-who may want to do blood tests and scope her (I don’t know what that is but it’s not happening!) She wanted to give me steroid cream for Maiya’s eczema. She suggested that I try the hypoallergenic formula even though it is 45% corn. And when I told her that I want to delay immunizations because I don’t want to weaken Maiya’s immune system anymore she told me it was probably the Rotavirus and to just skip that one. I told the dr. that I want to try this accupressure treatment that I have been researching and she basically told me that she knew nothing about it but that it won’t work.

Ok, I know I am overly-protective of my kids and a little nutso when it comes to keeping chemicals out of our diets and our soaps and lotions and whatnot, but I just can’t believe that this was her solution. Steroid creams may help control a rash but they are not good, even for adult skin. I will not put that on my baby’s skin. I will stick with my all-natural Calendula cream that I can get at Target and has been controlling her rash just fine. Hmm, I just got done telling the dr. that I am sure that corn is one of the foods that bothers Maiya the MOST, and she tells me to try a formula that is ridiculously expensive and is 45% CORN, and what do I do if that doesn’t work and now I can’t breastfeed either? Well, there is this other formula that is REALLY ridiculously expensive compared to this stuff…yeah, no thanks.

We left the dr.’s office without the steroid cream, and without giving Maiya shots, and only promising to see the GI specialist. It is so frustrating to go to see someone who should be a hundred times more educated than me and I spent the whole appointment questioning the doctor, and protecting Maiya from an onslaught of chemicals and bad decisions.

Our plan is to take Maiya this week for an alternative all-natural and non-invasive allergy testing and  treatment. We should be able to tell if it is working after a couple visits. If it doesn’t work, then I will go to talk to the GI specialist. According the dr. there is a good chance that Maiya will outgrow all of this by the time she is one. Either way, there is hope and that is what keeps us going….that and Maiya’s unbelievable cuteness.

yes, her shirt says "tree hugger"

yes, her shirt says "tree hugger"

ok, so I haven’t updated you guys on Mason’s potty training, but we have been working on it and he has been doing really good. he gets a star every time he pees on the potty and a silver star when he poops on his potty. we started taking a toy away when he pooped in his pull-up and giving him one back when he told us he had to go. it has been weeks since he pooped in his pull-up. although he still gags every time he poops in the potty. (he puked once when I was pregnant just from looking at his poop…weird)

so…last Thursday morning Mason told me he wanted to wear his Transformers underwear (that I got him for Christmas 10 months ago!) and he has been wearing underwear ever since (except nighttime, naps, and when we went for a long drive Saturday) and he has only had one accident all that time. thats not even the major milestone, just a few minutes ago Mason was downstairs playing with Buzz (actually he yelled up and said “I’m helping Buzz rock out Mom! while they were listening to Ben Harper) and I was upstairs in our bedroom. So I hear Mason come upstairs and go in the bathroom and before I know it he’s all “I’m going to go potty by myself mom.” and then he ran in the bedroom with his pants and underwear around his ankles and yelled “I peeed!”

this is such a big deal to me because he stopped playing and came all the way upstairs and went the the bathroom on his own! I think we are actually making real progress! My baby is is growing up so fast. If only he could just stop right now 🙂

diaper free!

diaper free!

A couple of days ago I took Mason and Maiya to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. (I made turkey chili, which turned out to be the best chili I have ever made, even without sour cream and shredded cheese and cornbread it was still good! Now is a good time to let everyone know that I have been updating the recipes page. Check it out and let me know if you try anything.) ANYWAY, we went to Safeway (like Kroger) for the first time, and this only being the second time since we have been here that I have been to a “normal” grocery store and not a natural foods market it is like a whole other world to me.  The food is obviously different, but it turns out most of the people are different too. Case in point: So, we are walking from the car to the store and I have Maiya in her carseat in one hand and Mason holding my other hand and I notice that I almost cut off an older couple walking next to us. I said sorry and then they were like “Oh, no that’s ok. We feel sorry for you.” I kind of half-laughed because I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about but was not in the mood to find out, and then I got the lecture “We really do. We survived 3 kids without all of those gadgets. It’s just ridiculous nowadays. It’s no wonder so many people need those chiropractic adjustments now.” So now we have made it to the grocery carts and the guy is staring at me like I’m going to break into a million pieces any second as I put Mason in the back of the cart and Maiya’s carseat in the front and I am fake smiling and trying to figure out what on earth kind of gadget am I using that has this couple so concerned for me and then I realized what it was…..THE CARSEAT! Seriously, I don’t know whats wrong with me falling for all of the hype and buying those darn fancy gadgets that do more harm than good. I saw the couple later on while we were shopping and it took all of my energy not to run up and kick them both in the shins.

Lesson learned: At all costs do not grow up to be old and crabby.

my stupid mom makes me use this stuupid seat!

my stupid mom makes me use this stuupid seat!

saftey first

saftey first

Clint and Mason went grocery shopping for me this afternoon. (what a great husband I have!) While they were shopping Mason saw a “nice looking” lady in a purple shirt and said “Who is that lady? What’s her name?” and Clint said “Why? Do you think she is pretty? Do you have a crush on her?” and Mason started crying “I don’t want to crush her Dad!”




I can’t even believe my baby boy is doing this, but Mason is riding a bike with training wheels! He doing great, pedaling uphill and surviving some big crashes. Before this video was taken he crashed off of the path downhill in the grass and his legs were stuck under his bike. Of course I was holding my breath, but he cried for just a minute until Clint helped him up and then he said “COOL CRASH” Yes, its official he is all BOY!

These are Mason’s first pair of custom Boa shoes. They originally had a wide velcro strap that was removed and the Boa lacing system was installed. Yup, thats right, we took a perfectly good pair of shoes and had them altered…because velcro is just too much work! You gotta admit though, they are pretty sweet. plus Mason loves them!


One morning Mason came into our room and started laughing at me he said: “You can’t wear those pants Mom! They are funny!” I was wearing striped pj pants, and I thought I was so trendy…

I was playing with Maiya, pretending to eat her feet (because for some reason that makes both kids laugh), and Mason asked me “Mom, do you like to eat babies?”

When Mason and Clint were camping, Clint was putting Mason to bed in the tent-telling him stories and singing him songs, and Mason finally said “I’m tired Dad, go have a beer.”

Clint was on the phone with his Dad and mentioned that we might go to the Denver Z-O-O this weekend (he spelled out zoo because Mason was right next to him) and Mason yelled “Yay! We’re going to go to the Dever Zoo!!!!!!!!!!”

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