Here are some random facts about our family to make it seem like we don’t live so far away…

Maiya’s nickname is Maiya Papaya-which is usually shortened to Mai Pai which always makes me think of Mai Tai the drink which makes me think of the tikki faces on the drink glass a mai tai is usually served in which always makes me laugh! We also call her Maiya Paya and say Hiya Maiya 🙂 Clint is the inventor of her nicknames.

Mason is a huge fan of Transformers.When I say huge I mean-90% of the day everyone in the family goes by Transformers names, we get Mason to do stuff by calling whatever the task a Transformers name-like if we want him to go upstairs its “Autobots, roll out.” or drinking his milk is “his oil”, or the funniest is that the cats and all small animals we see outside are Deceptecons-this one went a little too far when Mason tried to beat Eon with a meat tenderizer…oops!