This morning I was getting something out of a kitchen cupboard and Mason was walking down the stairs and stopped dead. “What are you doing Mom?” “Just getting something out of the cupboard.” Mason-knowing that this was the cupboard where I keep his vitamins said: “Oh! Mom! I need a vitamin.” Mom: “No, you don’t.” Mason: “Oh, I do. I’m not healthy I need a vitamin!” Mom: “Really, who told you that?” Mason-very seriously pointing at me “You Mom. I’m terrible, I’m not healthy. I need to have a vitamin.”

Seriously is this kid really 2 years old?!

Disclaimer: He doesn’t take a multi-vitamin every day. I bought them when we moved so that while we were traveling and getting the house set up I figured we would be eating crappy and he already had a cold. So, that means it has been 6 months since I told him he needed them to stay healthy! I swear I don’t tell him he is terrible, but he knows when to call something terrible to get my attention.