Today was Maiya’s 2 month check-up. She did pretty good. She is now 11lbs 2.5 oz and 23 inches long. Besides the whole food allergy issue she is very healthy. I brought Maiya’s poopy diaper with me (yes, you know your a mom when you SAVE POOPY DIAPERS) to show the doc and she said that it was MUCH better, but still not normal looking. I told her that this is the best its been and that lately there is no blood except once in a while (including just last week) there are still some blood specs. So, the dr. said that is still no good, but I can keep breastfeeding for another month and hopefully Maiya is just taking a while to recover. If I still see blood a month from now she wants to call the GI specialist. I was pretty releived that the dr. thinks its ok for me to continue breastfeeding. I found out today that the formula I would have to use tastes sick so even if I do switch it won’t be as easy as I thought. So between yucky tasting formula and Maiya not liking plastic nipples I’m pretty sure it would be even less fun than me giving up all the foods that bother her.

She also had her shots today. She cried right away, calmed down long enough for the nurse to leave and then puked all over my shirt. So I got to walk through the dr.’s office with a shirt that was covered in puke, but since my shirt was white it looked like my boob had leaked all over! I’m pretty sure Clint doesn’t have to worry about guys hitting on me when I walk around like that.