ok, so I am incredibly behind in blogging. In fact, if I had the time to blog as much as I always plan to it might even become annoying. I am constantly writing posts in my head, unfortunately I have yet to find software to wirelessly transmit my thoughts onto this here blog.  I’m pretty sure it was invented on the Jetsons so I don’t understand why it hasn’t shown up at my local Best Buy yet!

For now, I will try to update all of you on the crazy goings ons of the Ford household.

So…Maiya is now 2 months old.

Sleeping: She has been sleeping through the night since she was about 5 weeks old. This whole baby sleeping at a normal time is new to me. She eats at about 9:30 pm and will either sleep until 3 or 4 am or on a really good night she won’t wake up until 6!

Eating: The flipside of this is that she makes up for all the midnight snacks she is sleeping through by cramming in 8-10 feedings all during the day. When Mason was this age he was on a schedule of eating every 3-4 hours, Maiya eats every 2 hours on the dot, sometimes earlier. She is also a slow eater so generally it takes a half hour to feed her. This gives me an hour and a half between feedings and usually an hour tops to leave the house. Also, because she eats so often I have no time to pump a bottle which would give me a nice break. That being said we don’t leave the house often and we don’t go far. I know all of you think I am one of those crazy breastfeeding/tree-hugging/”au natural” hippies and for the most part I am 🙂 but I am still not comfortable breastfeeding outside of the house. It sucks not being able to do much, but for me it is a not so bad a sacrifice of a few months compared to the lifetime of benefit for Maiya.

Pooping: I am still not sure if Maiya’s poop is normal. It is much better than it was and she rarely has even a speck of blood, but it still seems too watery and mucousy to me. She has a dr.’s appointment next Monday, so we will find out then if I am doing a good job with my eating or if I am just being stubborn and need to switch to formula. So far the foods I can’t eat are: anything with milk protein, soy, eggs, and even mildly spicy food. That doesn’t leave much, but somehow I have managed to find lots that I can eat-mainly chicken, vegetables, fruits, and oatmeal. I miss all of the good food I can’t eat, but I am enjoying eating so healthy. The only problem is I can’t find any restaurants I can eat at and sometimes it would be nice to have a break from cooking and dishes. Clint helps me out by barBqueing so that is a nice compromise 🙂

Happy Baby: Maiya is smiling and making all kinds of cute noises. When she is not demanding food, she is usually happy and cute. With Mason, I read that by a certain age babies started cooing-I swear, I had no idea what that meant until Maiya started making these strange happy sounding noises. Mason cried until he could talk so this is awesome!

Random: Maiya won’t take a pacifier. I have tried two different kinds and she isn’t having any of it. She is one of “those” babies

Mason: is talking naps good, eating good, and most of the time being the greatest kid I could imagine. he loves helping me, and LOVES playing with Maiya. He is mastering the art of pedaling a tricycle, loves our new library because not only do they have awesome books like the Octonauts but they also have TOYS and Dr. Seuss computer games!, and can run up some serious hills at the prairie dog park. He is growing up so fast sometimes it makes me sad, but I am trying to do a good job of giving him extra hugs and kisses and really living in the moment so I never regret not spending enough time with him. On the flip side Mason is still pooping his pants and I wish he would just grow up and start using the toilet! I swear that kid would sit in a poopy diaper all day long if we let him, trust me, he’s not always as smart as he appears to be 😉