We are all excited to have Grandma Gudenau visiting this week! Next week I will find time to post some pictures and more details about her visit and what we have been up to. For now, here is some more funny comments from Mason:

Yesterday I took Grandma Gudenau and the kids to Denver to visit Clint at work and have a picnic lunch. When we were there Clint gave Mason a lollipop which he was super excited about. We let him have it until lunch and then put it away until later that night when we let him have it back.  When he got it back he ran upstairs where I was feeding Maiya and he yelled “Mom, MOM, my candy came back!!!!!”

After dinner yesterday we went to the prairie dog park to check out the sunset and Mason saw the moon and yelled “THE MOOOOON!!!!!! YODA LIVES THERE!”

just to show you that Mason is on a Star Wars kick the other night at dinner Maiya was fussing and Mason told us that she sounds like a “little baby wookie”