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This morning I was getting something out of a kitchen cupboard and Mason was walking down the stairs and stopped dead. “What are you doing Mom?” “Just getting something out of the cupboard.” Mason-knowing that this was the cupboard where I keep his vitamins said: “Oh! Mom! I need a vitamin.” Mom: “No, you don’t.” Mason: “Oh, I do. I’m not healthy I need a vitamin!” Mom: “Really, who told you that?” Mason-very seriously pointing at me “You Mom. I’m terrible, I’m not healthy. I need to have a vitamin.”

Seriously is this kid really 2 years old?!

Disclaimer: He doesn’t take a multi-vitamin every day. I bought them when we moved so that while we were traveling and getting the house set up I figured we would be eating crappy and he already had a cold. So, that means it has been 6 months since I told him he needed them to stay healthy! I swear I don’t tell him he is terrible, but he knows when to call something terrible to get my attention.

After having Mason it took me a long time to find balance and really be able to enjoy life. Being a new mom with somewhat neurotic tendencies with a baby that cried constantly I found myself in limbo with a lot of emotions-stress, depression, excitement, and the classic being totally “freaked out”. I don’t remember truly enjoying Mason’s first year. Sure not every day was horrible. I had much more help than I do now, between Clint being home for lunch every day or someone in my family stopping by to visit, it doesn’t seem like I should have felt so overwhelmed. I mean seriously I barely cooked back then, what was I even doing with my time? It makes me sad that I don’t remember ever looking down at Mason and just soaking in all of his cute babyness Now after having Maiya, I feel as if my responsibilities are ten times what they were when I had Mason and yet my stress level is nothing compared to back then. I am starting to fully understand the true meaning of a phrase I have long lived by-or thought I did- “Carpe Diem-Seize the day” Maybe it’s just what comes with having experience or maybe it’s what a good nights sleep can do to clear your mind, but I am truly understanding now how fleeting life can be. The past two months have been tough, living out here farther away from family than I have ever been and yet at a time in my life where I probably need family the most. There is so much going on with me emotionally because of that, on top of all the emotions that having a newborn brings, and then you add in all of the daily chores of cooking and cleaning and whatnot that I am not getting done and my mind has been pretty helter skelter lately. It’s not like anyone has unrealistic expectations of me. Clint tells me don’t worry about cleaning, it’s not that big of a deal. But my neurotic brain is screaming at me “YOU HAVE TO CLEAN THE BATHROOM OR THE APOCALYPSE WILL COME” This in turn makes for a stressful day brought on by none other than yours truly. I don’t know, maybe there is part of me that feels like since I get the luxury of staying home I don’t deserve a fun day because there are still dishes in the sink. News flash: there will always be dishes in the sink! So lately, with Maiya eating every two hours, I have been getting my panties all in a bunch over everything that I am not getting done. And then it hit me, these kids are not going to be this small forever! I know, how many people can tell me not to stress over little things or how many times can I read “enjoy it now, they grow up fast” WHEN WILL I LEARN?! Well I get it now. This past week I have been ignoring dishes and dirty bathroom mirrors in an effort to spend more time enjoying the two little miracles that make my life so wonderful. I don’t mean just making extra time to take the kids to the park, but really truly enjoying everything. Changing poopy diapers because you never know when Maiya will smile, answering Mason’s millionth question of the day because who knows maybe this time when he asks what a hurricane is he might remember it years from now and want to study hurricanes in college. This afternoon Maiya was getting fussy so I laid next to her on the bed and sang her lullabyes until her tiny little eyelids started drooping and she drifted off to sleep.  I got all weepy because she is just so beautiful and sweet and innocent. I love our kids so much and I don’t ever want to feel bad at the end of the day because I spent so much time yelling at Mason to pick up his toys that I never sat down and actually played with him. I am sure I will have time to clean the bathroom when they are teenagers and hate me, but for now I want to enjoy every last moment with a clear mind. Not “oh, she is so cute…how much can I get done if she falls asleep and before she wakes up to eat again.” I know I can’t just grab hold of Mason’t shoulders and tell him to stop growing (trust me, I tried), but I can try my hardest to enjoy the good and the bad of every day. Whether you have kids, or pets, or a stuffed bear, life is out there-seize the day and LIVE.


For Clint’s Birthday/the 4th of July we went to see the Arvada fireworks. These were our first      Colorado fireworks, but more important-this was Mason’s first ever fireworks show! He had a lot of fun seeing fireworks and getting to stay up late. Maiya slept the whole time so I’m pretty sure she had no idea we even left the house! For anyone who is wondering-yes we did have tater tots for dinner!!!!

our first Colorado fireworks

our first Colorado fireworks

Happy family (maiya is asleep in her carseat)

Happy family (maiya is asleep in her carseat)

Mason and Mommy

Mason and Mommy


there is nothing like farm fresh peaches!


this is my attempt at being artsy

These pictures are the fruits of our trip to the Boulder Farmers Market. That place is amazing! It is Farmer’s Market heaven. I still miss the Mount Clemens market, tomatoes and corn just aren’t the same here and it was sooo close. Yesterday we went to the Arvada FM and it was a big dissapointment.

Today was Maiya’s 2 month check-up. She did pretty good. She is now 11lbs 2.5 oz and 23 inches long. Besides the whole food allergy issue she is very healthy. I brought Maiya’s poopy diaper with me (yes, you know your a mom when you SAVE POOPY DIAPERS) to show the doc and she said that it was MUCH better, but still not normal looking. I told her that this is the best its been and that lately there is no blood except once in a while (including just last week) there are still some blood specs. So, the dr. said that is still no good, but I can keep breastfeeding for another month and hopefully Maiya is just taking a while to recover. If I still see blood a month from now she wants to call the GI specialist. I was pretty releived that the dr. thinks its ok for me to continue breastfeeding. I found out today that the formula I would have to use tastes sick so even if I do switch it won’t be as easy as I thought. So between yucky tasting formula and Maiya not liking plastic nipples I’m pretty sure it would be even less fun than me giving up all the foods that bother her.

She also had her shots today. She cried right away, calmed down long enough for the nurse to leave and then puked all over my shirt. So I got to walk through the dr.’s office with a shirt that was covered in puke, but since my shirt was white it looked like my boob had leaked all over! I’m pretty sure Clint doesn’t have to worry about guys hitting on me when I walk around like that.

ok, so I am incredibly behind in blogging. In fact, if I had the time to blog as much as I always plan to it might even become annoying. I am constantly writing posts in my head, unfortunately I have yet to find software to wirelessly transmit my thoughts onto this here blog.  I’m pretty sure it was invented on the Jetsons so I don’t understand why it hasn’t shown up at my local Best Buy yet!

For now, I will try to update all of you on the crazy goings ons of the Ford household.

So…Maiya is now 2 months old.

Sleeping: She has been sleeping through the night since she was about 5 weeks old. This whole baby sleeping at a normal time is new to me. She eats at about 9:30 pm and will either sleep until 3 or 4 am or on a really good night she won’t wake up until 6!

Eating: The flipside of this is that she makes up for all the midnight snacks she is sleeping through by cramming in 8-10 feedings all during the day. When Mason was this age he was on a schedule of eating every 3-4 hours, Maiya eats every 2 hours on the dot, sometimes earlier. She is also a slow eater so generally it takes a half hour to feed her. This gives me an hour and a half between feedings and usually an hour tops to leave the house. Also, because she eats so often I have no time to pump a bottle which would give me a nice break. That being said we don’t leave the house often and we don’t go far. I know all of you think I am one of those crazy breastfeeding/tree-hugging/”au natural” hippies and for the most part I am 🙂 but I am still not comfortable breastfeeding outside of the house. It sucks not being able to do much, but for me it is a not so bad a sacrifice of a few months compared to the lifetime of benefit for Maiya.

Pooping: I am still not sure if Maiya’s poop is normal. It is much better than it was and she rarely has even a speck of blood, but it still seems too watery and mucousy to me. She has a dr.’s appointment next Monday, so we will find out then if I am doing a good job with my eating or if I am just being stubborn and need to switch to formula. So far the foods I can’t eat are: anything with milk protein, soy, eggs, and even mildly spicy food. That doesn’t leave much, but somehow I have managed to find lots that I can eat-mainly chicken, vegetables, fruits, and oatmeal. I miss all of the good food I can’t eat, but I am enjoying eating so healthy. The only problem is I can’t find any restaurants I can eat at and sometimes it would be nice to have a break from cooking and dishes. Clint helps me out by barBqueing so that is a nice compromise 🙂

Happy Baby: Maiya is smiling and making all kinds of cute noises. When she is not demanding food, she is usually happy and cute. With Mason, I read that by a certain age babies started cooing-I swear, I had no idea what that meant until Maiya started making these strange happy sounding noises. Mason cried until he could talk so this is awesome!

Random: Maiya won’t take a pacifier. I have tried two different kinds and she isn’t having any of it. She is one of “those” babies

Mason: is talking naps good, eating good, and most of the time being the greatest kid I could imagine. he loves helping me, and LOVES playing with Maiya. He is mastering the art of pedaling a tricycle, loves our new library because not only do they have awesome books like the Octonauts but they also have TOYS and Dr. Seuss computer games!, and can run up some serious hills at the prairie dog park. He is growing up so fast sometimes it makes me sad, but I am trying to do a good job of giving him extra hugs and kisses and really living in the moment so I never regret not spending enough time with him. On the flip side Mason is still pooping his pants and I wish he would just grow up and start using the toilet! I swear that kid would sit in a poopy diaper all day long if we let him, trust me, he’s not always as smart as he appears to be 😉

Yesterday we took a family walk to the toy park and Mason met a friend. They were sharing toys and the kid even let Mason ride his tricycle. When Mason was riding the tricycle some bells that were tied on the bike fell off and Mason told Clint “Daddy I broke his tricycle because I had too much power!”

….in colorado than Mt. Clemens. We’ve got this place called White Ranch Open space park about 15 minutes from the house. There’s about 20 miles of trails to hike and explore. I’ve been out there the last couple of weekends and last sunday I took my camera with me on  a 10 mile run. I got so close to these deer I could have spit on them, there where about 5 of them. The time before last I saw 5 bucks with big ole racks.

Deer in White Ranch

Deer in White Ranch

I climbed pretty high, I ran up to the top of Belcher Hill which is about 8000 ft I think. Nice views up there, in this one you can see Standley lake on the far left, which is where our house is and Denver is on the far right. You can see Denver better in the larger version.

View from Belcher Hill

View from Belcher Hill

I put some more pics on our smugmug site if you would like to see them, right here.

We are all excited to have Grandma Gudenau visiting this week! Next week I will find time to post some pictures and more details about her visit and what we have been up to. For now, here is some more funny comments from Mason:

Yesterday I took Grandma Gudenau and the kids to Denver to visit Clint at work and have a picnic lunch. When we were there Clint gave Mason a lollipop which he was super excited about. We let him have it until lunch and then put it away until later that night when we let him have it back.  When he got it back he ran upstairs where I was feeding Maiya and he yelled “Mom, MOM, my candy came back!!!!!”

After dinner yesterday we went to the prairie dog park to check out the sunset and Mason saw the moon and yelled “THE MOOOOON!!!!!! YODA LIVES THERE!”

just to show you that Mason is on a Star Wars kick the other night at dinner Maiya was fussing and Mason told us that she sounds like a “little baby wookie”

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