ok, so I forgot to actually post this one-sorry for the delay 🙂

On Monday (June 15th) Maiya’s umbilical cord stump finally fell off! Generally it takes two weeks to dry out and fall off and I had read it could take up to a month sometimes, so of course when she passed a month and it was still there I was getting very impatient. Clint figured out that the dr. trimmed it so close that it wasn’t getting any air and was just sitting snugly in her belly button. After Clint messed with it so it could get some air it fell out the next day. Maiya can thank her daddy that she didn’t have to go to kindergarten with and umbilical stump still connected because I wasn’t about to mess with that thing!

This is exciting because now Maiya can have tummy time and work on strengthening her neck muscles. Mason likes to lay on the ground next to Maiya and show her toys and its just one of the cutest things! So far Maiya is game for tummy time-unlike Mason who acted like we were torturing him every time he found himself on his tummy.