Yesterday I was getting dinner ready and Mason was sitting in his chair at the table eating his dinner when out of nowhere he said “Mommy, you are the best cook in the whole world, even in outer space.”

(I probably shouldn’t reveal that this was a rare ocassion when I let him have boxed mac n cheese (organic of course) and all I did was boil noodles and stir in cheese sauce. Hey, I’ll take it! I’m sure he meant it for all the other meals I have made too.)

this one is a few weeks old but it still cracks me up:

I was saying good night to Mason one night and in an effort to stall Mason was asking me what all kinds of things eat. I try to give him the right answers but this is a harder game than you might think. Do you know what beetles eat? So after a bunch of questions that I managed to get right he asked: “Mommy, what do penguins eat?” Answer: Fish “No, mommy, they eat krill.”

ok, maybe he mixed up penguins with whales, but come on! Krill?! This is what happens when one of your favorite books is a kids dictionary. the books he likes are so educational that I find myself begging him, please can we just read a story?