So Maiya is now 3 weeks old, and everyday I think of stuff to post on this here blog, and somehow everyday I have been distracted by something-that something usually having to do with one of three things: poop, puke, or feeding (which always results in poop or puke).

For the record, Maiya is a great baby and Mason is a great kid. We could not be more lucky to have such great kids and I am so excited for when they are old enough to play together.

Here is what has been going on with them in recent weeks:

Maiya eats every 2-3 hours during the day and naps a lot, and is still nice enough not to cry too loud in the middle of the night (I don’t think she has woken up Mason yet) and also to give me at least one 4 hour stretch between feedings at night which translates into about 3-3.5 hours of sleep at one time for me!Yay sleep! We have taken Maiya lots of places-for walks to the park, shopping at Target, drives in the mountains-things like that. When Mason was born we were terrified to take him anywhere. Now he was born in the fall so there was less to do and since it was flu season the dr. told us to avoid taking him out if we could, but now I know what Dad was talking about when he told me when we had Mason that we should just take him out, and he said once you have more than one kid you’ll get it. Ok I am admitting here and now just this once that Dad was right! Good thing he doesn’t use the Internet 😉

Mason was on his best behavior the first week and then last week when Clint went back to work Mason stopped taking naps (good timing punk!). This week he is back to napping, which I seriously thank god for every day, but he has moved onto getting into trouble for attention. He has taken his rock climbing skills indoors and is scaring and annoying me all day long. I feel bad because I know he needs attention, but he also is at the age where he needs to learn to listen when I tell him doing a forward flip in and out ofMaiya’s crib is dangerous-needless to say the kid spends quite a lot of time in time out lately. When he’s not getting into trouble he is being totally hilarious. I can’t believe how smart and funny a two year old can be! Coming soon to a blog near you: funny things that Mason tells me