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Mason got a new bike the other day, he’s a little scared of crashing though.
We also went out exploring some camping areas and hiking trails in Golden Canyon state park yesterday. The kid is not afraid of falling off rock cliffs though. He’s becoming quite the rock climber.


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Check out this video

We’ve been using smugmug for a couple of years now but it’s 40 bucks a year and flickr is free, which one do you like better?

I took mason for a 5 mile run/walk/hike today at the park a block from our house. We saw either a bull snake or a rattler on the trail, that was scary, it was about 5 feet long. We also saw a horse and a rabbit, along with about 1000 praire dogs. There’s a nice beach there but because the water is so high in the lake now it’s almost all gone.

Disclosure: This is a very sleep deprived Karyn typing…

We made it home! Clint and I brought Maiya home yesterday (Saturday) around 6. Everyone at the hospital was surprised that we wanted to go home and not stay another night. I have to admit that the hospital staff was incredible during our stay there, but Maiya was doing really good and who wants to spend any more time in a hospital than they absolutely have to?  Mason is excited to have a new baby sister. When we got home we showed Mason how to rock her gently in the carseat and Mason sat on the ground next to Maiya rocking her and sang Rock-a-bye baby to his new baby sister. So Cute! We made it through our first night home. Maiya is doing very good breastfeeding, altough she had a marathon night last night so I am incredibly tired. So far she is a really good baby, way calmer than Mason was. I think it has something to do with the first music they heard on the way home from the hospital. Mason-Jimi Hendrix  Maiya-Bob Marley-Three Little Birds

We are about to give Maiya her first bath…

I wish we could see everyone, I will talk to you all soon, but need to catch up on a lot of sleep first.

We made it through the night, very little sleep though. Maiya is doing great, being a little stubborn about eating but otherwise she’s been perfect.

We are hoping to get out of here this evening, if she’s eating good the pediatrician said that would be fine.

4 fords

4 fords

I can’t access youtube from the hospital so I put a video up on flickr here.


Maiya, born at 3:23pm, 7 lbs, 3oz, 20.5″ long. Looking good!P5154708

Took it off and the contractions are coming on pretty hard. Women are tough.

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